A Note on Sources & Bibliography



Our research for this book is based primarily from examining thousands of pages of contemporaneous primary source materials found in the following archives: Timothy Leary Papers/New York Public Library; Richard Nixon Presidential Library; the National Archives and Records Administration; White House Recordings from the Miller Center/University of Virginia; Federal Bureau of Investigation papers on Timothy Leary; Department of State Archives; Eldridge Cleaver Papers/University of California, Berkeley; Federal Bureau of Investigation papers on “Black Extremists”; Nixon Administration national security files relating to Algeria (via NARA); Ronald Reagan Presidential Library; Eldridge Cleaver Papers/Texas A&M University; Huey Newton Papers/Stanford University; Clayton Van Lydegraf papers/University of Washington; Stew Albert and Judy Gumbo Albert Papers/University of Michigan.

This archival research was supplemented by hundreds of newspaper articles, dozens of books, and interviews. A complete list of endnotes is also provided on this website.

The major books, articles, interviews, websites, films, and research databases used in the research are identified below: Many contemporaneous newspaper and magazines were searched through ProQuest, Ebsco, Lexis-Nexis, and Google, which allows historical access to papers ranging from the New York Times and Washington Post to alternative media such as the Village Voice and Berkeley Barb (1965-1980).



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Books by Timothy Leary (in chronological order)


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Newspapers and magazines consulted:


Berkeley Barb

Black Panther Party newspaper

East Village Other

LA Weekly


New York Times


Los Angeles Free Press

Los Angeles Times


Rolling Stone

San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Examiner

Village Voice

Washington Post



Specific articles of note:


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Other Sources:


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