Literary Exhibitions curated, 1997-present

Most exhibitions mounted at the Wittliff Collections, Texas State University, San Marcos


Marc Simmons: Southwestern Treasures from the Maverick Historian, 2016




Places in the Heart: Texas Cinescapes. 2015.

Armadillo Rising: Austin’s Music Scene in the 1970s. 2015

Cormac McCarthy: Unveiling a Literary Legend. 2014

Acting Up and Getting Down: Plays by African American Texans. 2014

The Writer’s Road: Selections from the Sam Shepard Papers. 2013

Global Odyssey: From Texas to the World and Back. 2012

Rick Riordan’s World of Myth and Mystery. 2012

Illuminating Texas: 25 Lone Star Moments. 2011

Big Bend: Land of the Texas Imagination. 2011

Cormac McCarthy: Selections from the Permanent Collection. 2010

Swim Against the Current: Highlights from the Jim Hightower Archive. 2010

The Lightning Field: Mapping the Creative Process. 2010

Rivers of Texas. 2008

Treasures of the Wittliff Collections (Austin-Bergstrom International Airport) 2008

Lone Star Sleuths (San Marcos Public Library) 2007

Lonesome Dove, permanent exhibit. 2007 – ongoing

What Wildness is This: Women Write About the Southwest. 2007

J. Frank Dobie: Mr. Texas (co-curator) 2006

The Tomás Rivera Mexican American Children's Book Award: Celebrating 10 Years. 2005

Gringos in Mexico (Austin-Bergstrom International Airport) 2005

Rio Grande: The Storied River. 2005

Vietnam from a Texas POV. 2005

Texas Literary Outlaws. 2004

Texas Music Archives (Austin-Bergstrom International Airport) 2004

Scene of the Crime: Mystery/Detective Fiction from Texas. 2003-2004

• Texas Monthly: 30 Years. 2003

Texas Bookends: Bill Wittliff and Bud Shrake. 2002

The Writer John Graves (co-curator) 2002

Paths to Justice: African-American Culture in Texas. 2001

Gringos in Mexico: American Writers South of the Border. 2001

Pigskin Lit: Texas Writers & Football. 2000

Crossroads of Culture: Texas Music Frontiers. 2000

Texas on Stage: The Drama Archives of the Southwestern Writers Collection. 1999

Lonesome Dove: The Making of a Modern Classic. 1999

On-line Lonesome Dove exhibit:

Mythic Journeys: The Film Archives of the Southwestern Writers Collection. 1998.

Women Write the Southwest. 1998

Authors of the Southwestern Writers Collection Book Series. 1997

Flores del Nopal: Mexican American Voices from South Texas. 1997

Selena: como la flor. 1997