Nixon Oval Office conversation: Miller Center, University of Virginia. Richard Nixon tapes, July 23, 1971. Conversation e066b.




WE THROW AWAY THE KEY (pages 7-15)


“When dissent turns to violence, it invites tragedy.”

New York Times, May 4, 1970.


“If it takes a bloodbath, let's get it over with.”

Washington Post, April 9, 1970.


“We live in an age of anarchy...We see mindless attacks...”



“I learned more in the six or seven hours of this experience than in all my years as a psychologist.”

Timothy Leary by Greenfield, 113.


“It’s the most exciting adventure I’ve ever been involved in.”

Playboy interview, September 1966.


“You've climbed inside Einstein's formula...”

Playboy interview, September 1966.


“LSD is the precise and only way to keep war from blowing up the whole system.”

The Politics of Ecstasy by Leary, 280.


“a woman will inevitably have several hundred orgasms.”

Playboy interview, September 1966.


“I’m terribly frightened by LSD...”



“If they only knew what they were missing.”

Playboy interview, September 1966.


“They’ve lost the war in Vietnam, and now they are using the same techniques in the war on pot.”

Los Angeles Times, September 23, 1969.


“Don’t you think I’ve had more experience than Ronnie?”

Los Angeles Times, May 21, 1969.


“Big deal!”



“A pleasure-seeking, irresponsible Madison Avenue advocate of the free use of LSD and marijuana.”

Greenfield, 372.


“For you we throw away the key.”

Confessions of a Hope Fiend by Leary, 3.



THE GREAT FEAR (pages 16-18)


“All I want is to feel good . . . just keep me high.”

Hope Fiend by Leary, 39.


“The Department of Correction sent you here to die.”

Hope Fiend, 43.


“Will all gardeners please report to the yard crew office for your garden seeds.”

Los Angeles Times, April 8, 1968.


I know that the only real prisons are internal.”

Playboy interview, September 1966.



PURPLE LIZARDS (pages 19-22)


“several thousand years, in many forms.”

Los Angeles Times, May 21, 1969.


“How much money did you collect...It could have been worse.”

Hope Fiend manuscript, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“I’ll free you love.”

Hope Fiend by Leary, 8.



ARES, GOD OF WAR (pages 23-26)


“I am not a gentleman...”

Strictly Ghetto Property: The Story of Los Siete de la Raza by Marjorie Heines.


“Is that what you think, shithead...”

Fighting Injustice by Tigar, p 264.


“The hippies aren’t going to get you out...”

Leary FBI interview, Leary Papers, NYPL.



MADMAN (pages 27-31)


Rosemary and I are American Eagles...”

Supreme Court of the United States/Timothy Leary Appellant v State of California Appellee (The Eagle Brief). City Lights Books, 1970.


“the president is out of control…bomb the shit out of them.”

The Arrogance of Power by Anthony Summers, 356-373.


“there would be a nuclear war each week!”

The Arrogance of Power by Anthony Summers, 372.


Dog biscuits.

The First Family Detail by Ronald Kessler.


“I know most of you think I’m an SOB...”

Nixon by Ambrose, 355.


“was a madman.”

Nixon by Ambrose, 355.


“...His eyes were glassy.”

The Arrogance of Power by Anthony Summers, 365. One Man Against the World by Tim Weiner, 92.


“...he’s in no condition to weather it.”

The Arrogance of Power by Anthony Summers, 366.


“determined to destroy our society...“revolutionary terrorism.”

One Man Against the World by Tim Weiner, 98.


“Good intelligence...the best way to stop terrorism.”

One Man Against the World by Tim Weiner, 98.


“When the president does it, that means it is not illegal.”

One Man Against the World by Tim Weiner, 9.



WARGASM (pages 32-34)


"Kill all the rich people...”

New York Times, September 11, 2001.


“…even shoved a fork into a victim’s stomach.”

Acid Dreams by Martin A. Lee and Bruce Schlain, 257.


“kids are making love, smoking dope and loading guns.”

New York Times, May 24, 1970. Chicago Tribune, June 11, 1970.


“There is a bomb set to go off at Police Headquarters.”

New York Times, June 10, 1970.





“Dock…You gotta pitch.”

“The Long Strange Trip of Dock Ellis” by Patrick Hruby. http://espn.go.com/espn/eticket/story?page=Dock-Ellis





“You’re going to have to be in the best physical shape of your life.”

Hope Fiend, 70.


“We deal because that’s our thing...Dope is the hope of the human race.”

Los Angeles Free Press, Oct 25, 1969.





“What news of the escape...a faraway dream to me.”

Hope Fiend, 76-77.


“You can tell your probation officer you’re going to divorce me.”

Leary FBI interview, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“To General Mitchell we say: Don’t look for us, Dog; we’ll find you first.”

Days of Rage by Bryan Burrough, 136.


Tell John Mitchell that no matter what he does, we cannot be stopped.”

Chicago Tribune, July 28, 1970.





“You can see I am free! Now I want you to do the same thing for the Soledad brothers!”

Associated Press, August 6, 1970.


“Would you approve of guns being used in the escape...”

Leary FBI interview, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“...Lady Luck smiles on you...”

Astroflash report September 1970, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“They’d bust me the day after your escape.”

Hope Fiend, 187.





“They can carry guns.”

Hope Fiend, 101.



ACID IS GROOVY (pages 53-55)


"Acid is groovy, kill the pigs."

New York Times, April 7, 1970.


“Timothy, we have to take you back to New York...”

Hope Fiend, 106-107 and variant editions of Hope Fiend manuscript, Leary Papers, NYPL.



I’M NINO (pages 56-61)


“Brother, we’re glad to see you...”

Hope Fiend, 125 and Leary FBI interview, Leary Papers, NYPL.





“Dynamite, hair dye, and fast cars.”

Hope Fiend, 127. Leary FBI interview, Leary Papers, NYPL.



BE FREE, PRISON GUARDS (pages 64-66)


“If it was up to me, you’d still be rotting in jail.”

Burrough, 145.


Be free, prison guards, be free.

People v. Leary, [Crim. No. 23769. Court of Appeals of California, Second Appellate District, Division One. July 5, 1974.]





“That was very dangerous and bad tactics to have our trails intersect.”

Leary FBI interview, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“Well, I was just walking by the pay phone and I heard it ring and I don’t why I answered it.”

Leary FBI interview, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“Three dear Weather souls were blown to pieces...It’s a spiritual revolution.”

Hope Fiend, 138, Leary FBI interview, Leary Papers, NYPL.



YOU’RE TOO HOT (pages 73-75)


“You should not stay underground in the United States...”

Hope Fiend, Leary FBI interview, Leary Papers, NYPL.





“We believe Leary is still in California...”

International Times, September 24, 1970.


“This is the fourth communication from the Weatherman Underground...”

San Francisco Good Times, September 18, 1970.


“I offer loving gratitude...There is the time for peace and the time for war...”

The Rag (Austin, Texas), September 28, 1970.



PLAYING HOUSE (pages 79-80)


“If there’s an orange curtain in the window...”

Hope Fiend, 143. Leary FBI interview, Leary Papers, NYPL.



DOPE AND DYNAMITE (pages 81-85)


“a marriage of dope and dynamite, flowers and flames.”

“Drug Freak Leary Joins the Revolution.” Volume 91, Number 1, Thursday, September 17, 1970 Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pa.


“Thousands of Americans, mostly under thirty…are determined to destroy our society.”

Church Committee report, 1975, Internal White House documents, September, 1970.


“We’ll have him in ten days.”

“Focus: How Tim Leary Fled Jail For Greener Grass: Extradition Remote” by Peter Ainslie. Women’s Wear Daily, Oct 8, 1971.


“We must take an uncompromising stand against those who reject the rules of civilized conduct...”

text of speech at: http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/?pid=2663 also, Ambrose, 376.


“are very much afraid of us and are trying hard to prove they are ‘good guys.’”

Washington Post, December 1, 2007. Nixon’s supporters raised money to pay for the later airing of the speech, but the president’s men’s were able to “persuade” the TV stations that the speech was not “political” and so did not rise to the “equal time” clause, which would have provided Nixon’s political opponents with an opportunity for prime time airing of contrasting views-- such as the findings of the Scranton Commission, which argued that it was Nixon’s own repressive policies that were inciting the campus violence.





“It will be a good test for your disguise.”

Greenfield, 393.


“Don’t stay out here, there all sorts of pigs watching you.”

Hope Fiend, 159, Leary FBI interview, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“Sorry to inconvenience you, sir.”

Hope Fiend, 160.





“We are enemies to the death with the American government...”

New York Times, November 1, 1970


“What we need is a war on the rich.”

Eldridge Cleaver: Post-Prison Writings and Speeches by Eldridge Cleaver, 22.


“I want to drive a spear into the heart of America.”

Soul On Ice by Eldridge Cleaver.


There’s nothing to reevaluate--except the choice of weapons.”

“Cleaver in Exile,” TIME, October 24, 1969.


“I cannot help but say that Huey P. Newton is the baddest motherfucker to ever set foot inside of history...”

Ramparts clipping, Cleaver Papers, UC-Berkeley.


“Niggers with guns, niggers with guns.”

Seize The Time: The Story of the Black Panther Party by

Bobby Seale.


“The Black Panther Party, without question, represents the greatest threat to internal security of the country.”



“the Black Panther Party is threatening the system that’s threatening the people.”

Statement, Eldridge Cleaver Papers, Texas A&M University.



GINSENG WINE (pages 103-107)


“Kathleen has a hot temper. You should see the scratches on my back.”

Who the Hell is Stew Albert? by Stew Albert, 107.





“they may come home at night and slit our throats.”

New York Times, May 2, 1998.


“I’ll beat him to death with a marshmallow.”

Cleaver’s speech reported in FBI Files on Black Extremists -- Black Panther Files.


“A romantic script which met our highest aspirations.”

Hope Fiend, 166.





“it might be a good sign of respect if you go into the kitchen and wash dishes.”

Greenfield, 396.


“A dead pig is the best pig of all.”

FBI Files on Black Extremists -- Black Panther Files.


“If the Algerians are going to grant me asylum they certainly will understand if we sleep together.”

Hope Fiend, 168. Alternate draft of Hope Fiend, Leary Papers, NYPL.



GENIAL GENIUS (pages 119-124)


“Try to find a way to say what you would say anyway, but quote Mao.”

Greenfield, 397.


There is much to learn and in Eldridge we have found the perfect teacher.”

Leary FBI files, CG 40-66, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“Algeria is perfect. Socialism works here...”

Leary FBI files, CG 40-66, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“I did more than anyone else in history to destroy the minds of a lot of white middle class kids.”

“Death of a Salesman: Remembering Tim Leary” by Stew Albert. Tikkun, September 1996.


“Rape was an insurrectionary act...”

Soul on Ice by Cleaver, 26.


“Pussy Power.”

The Black Panther Party (reconsidered) by Charles Earl Jones, 33-34.


“You better make the bed before Kathleen gets home.”

Greenfield, 397.



UNLEASHED ANGELS (pages 125-129)


“I could take a small dose...”

“The Road to Algiers” by Stew Albert, Who the Hell is Stew Albert? by Albert, 122-125. Paul Krassner’s Psychedelic Trips for the Mind, 52-54.


“People are trying to associate me with criminal activities...”

“The Road to Algiers” by Stew Albert, Who the Hell is Stew Albert? by Albert, 122-125. Paul Krassner’s Psychedelic Trips for the Mind, 52-54.


“Our operation here is very expensive and Tim will pay his proper dues.”

“The Road to Algiers” by Stew Albert, Who the Hell is Stew Albert? by Albert, 122-125. Paul Krassner’s Psychedelic Trips for the Mind, 52-54.



DRUG-SNIFFING DOGS (pages 130-133)


“Nice house you’ve got here. MY house.”

New York Times, November 1, 1970.


“Regret to inform Department...”

Department of State cable, Eagleton to Rogers, Oct 10, 1970, Leary Papers, NYPL


“one of the toughest, most cold-eyed, self-centered, ambitious men...the little boys in the State Department behave.”

Ambrose, 234.


“Our job is to destroy Babylon.”

Los Angeles Times, October 28, 1970.



WE BURY PEOPLE (pages 134-136)


“Welcome to the Third World.”

Out of the Whale by Jonah Raskin, 164.


“I’ve been trying to get Eldridge to do acid, but he’s uptight. If we could trip together we’d be much closer.”

Raskin, 164.


“Doctor Timothy Leary, Afro-American psychologist...”

Quoted in Department of State cable, October 21 1970 from Eagleton to Secretary of State Rogers. Leary Papers, NYPL.


“Timothy Leary is alive and well and high in Algiers.”

New York Times, October 21, 1970.


“The press conference is set,” he says.

Raskin, 174.


“Kim Il-sung drinks this shit...”

Raskin, 172-173.


“We bury people here in Algiers.”

Versions of this quote and Cleaver’s gun-cradling in the presence of the American visitors are reported in multiple sources, including Stew Albert, Anita Hoffman, Jonah Raskin, Timothy Leary, the Black Panther Party newspaper, and in A Taste of Power: A Black Woman's Story by Elaine Brown.





“Express [US government] astonishment...”

State Department telegram 173324, from SecState WashDC to USINT Algiers. Dated Oct 21, 1970. Leary Papers, NYPL.


“there’s a good chance the Algerians will soon expel Leary.”

Department of State cable, October 22, 1970 from Eagleton to Secretary of State Rogers. Leary Papers, NYPL.


“The Algerian government has just found out that Leary’s not black, that he’s the acid king. In New York their representative to the UN is a laughingstock.”

Raskin, 175.


“Get this motherfucker out of the country.”

“Field Marshall Donald Cox. Produced by Roz B. Payne. Newsreel Films, 2006.



PAY THESE MOTHERS OFF (pages 141-143)


“I never move without my guns,” he tells the others.

“Field Marshall Donald Cox. Produced by Roz B. Payne. Newsreel Films, 2006.


“full of Zionist agents, Interpol pigs, and CIA informers.”

Hope Fiend, 173.


“Pay these mothers off!”

Raskin 172-180, Hope Fiend, 174.





“Motherfuckers are everywhere!”

“Field Marshall Donald Cox. Produced by Roz B. Payne. Newsreel Films, 2006.


“we’re happy and we’re free and we’re going to make the world free.”

Contemporary news accounts, Department of State cables in Leary Papers, NYPL.


“It is much easier to detain person upon arrival rather than departure.”

Department of State cable, American Embassy/Beirut to Secretary of State Rogers and US Interests Section/Algiers, October 27, 1970. Leary Papers, NYPL.


“We have known drugs and dropouts for centuries... the Palestinian’s legitimate rights.”

Contemporary news accounts, including Chicago Tribune, October 28, 1970.


“We have enough political tourists...”

Associated Press, October 27, 1970.


“...The answer is that he is here and is free.”

Associated Press, February 14,1971.



THAT’S WHAT THEY HATE TO SEE (pages 150-151)


“That’s what they hate to see.”

“The President, Politics, and the Police: Consequences of the 1970 ‘Stoning’ of Richard M. Nixon at the San Jose Civic Auditorium” by Kathryn Collins Philp. Privately printed. April 15, 2005.


“The time has come to take the gloves off and speak to this kind of behavior.”

Chicago Tribune, October 30, 1970.





“You’re supposed to give all of it to the party.”

“Leary in Limbo,” by Donn Pearce. Playboy, July 1971.


“I can’t believe that Eldridge Cleaver and DC are playing footsie with Tim Leary...”

FBI COINTELPRO files on Black Extremist organizations


“Blow your mind and blow up the prisons...”

Associated Press, November 16, 1970.


“It would give me great satisfaction if Richard Nixon should be killed. I would consider that an excellent thing.”

Human Events, November 14, 1970. Also cited in confidential Department of State memo, November 16, 1970, Lexis-Nexis Nixon security files collection, Algeria.


“We are setting up a revolutionary police force...”

Hope Fiend, 187.


“We are not getting our mail...”

Leary Papers, NYPL.


“What’s that horrible smell? I hate incense.”

Hope Fiend, 188.





Long faces and scowls . . . Locked up day after day.”

Hope Fiend manuscript, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“What are you always smiling about...We can’t go back to Babylon.”

Hope Fiend manuscript, Leary Papers, NYPL.





“The children that come at you with knives are your children...”

Manson trial transcript: http://law2.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/manson/mansonchrono.html


Will Algeria continue to permit activities...

Department of State memo, Eagleton to Secretary of State, November 16, 1970. (Algier 07129)


“I am puzzled by Algerian acceptance of certain individuals such as Timothy Leary...He is being kept under surveillance.”

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1969–1976, Volume E–5, Part 2, Documents on North Africa, 1969–1972; Telegram 204757 From the Department of State to the Interests Section in Algeria, December 17, 1970, 0012Z.


“I’m on your side.”

Real Life at the White House: Two Hundred Years of Daily Life at America's Most Famous Residence by John Whitcomb, Claire Whitcomb, 309.



A PLANET OF PURITY (pages 163-169)


“After the customary preparations we plunged outward...”

Hope Fiend, 207.


This is a disciplinary matter for the Field Marshal. He’ll be in touch with you.”

Hope Fiend, 211.


“Fuck off with your peace of mind.”

Hope Fiend, 211.


“The pigs refuse to believe that women can write a statement...”

“New Morning, Changing Weather,” December 6, 1970. Eldridge Cleaver Papers, UC-Berkeley.


“Income subject to increase, but there’s not enough.”

Zodiac calendar in Leary Papers, NYPL.





“Will you come quietly?”

The “bust” of Leary is reconstructed primarily Hope Fiend and “Free Tim, Again, in the Berkeley Barb, February 5-11, 1971.


“This is a scary movie.”

Hope Fiend, 225.





“I doubt very much whether Mr. Leary will be home tonight.”

Berkeley Barb, February 12-18, 1971.


“...We’ve been kidnapped...”

Hope Fiend; “Revolutionary Bust” by Michael Zwerin, Village Voice, February 11, 1971; “Soul on Acid” by Michael Zwerin, OZ 33; and the Berkeley Barb.


“...We have not complained as vigorously as we should have about the extraordinary series of monumental blunders you have whimsically committed...”

Hope Fiend; “Revolutionary Bust” by Michael Zwerin, Village Voice, February 11, 1971; “Soul on Acid” by Michael Zwerin, OZ 33; and the Berkeley Barb.


“We wanted to scare some sense into him.”

“Revolutionary Bust” by Michael Zwerin, Village Voice, February 11, 1971; “Soul on Acid” by Michael Zwerin, OZ 33; and the Berkeley Barb.


“...It made him furious and he almost decided not to free you.”

“Revolutionary Bust” by Michael Zwerin, Village Voice, February 11, 1971; “Soul on Acid” by Michael Zwerin, OZ 33; and the Berkeley Barb.


“You stay in your pad and don’t try any bullshit.”

Hope Fiend, 238.





“...your god is dead, because his mind has been blown by acid...”

Los Angeles Free Press, February 5-11, 1971; Berkeley Barb,

February 5-11, 1971.


“It might be possible for your grass to be turned over to the Algerian government...”

Hope Fiend, 245.


“...do you think the enemy would prefer you dead or alive...”

Berkeley Barb, February 5-11, 1971.



SUPREME SERVANTS (pages 187-191)


“...slowly the truth seeped into his acid-soaked brain...”

Interview transcript, Eldridge Cleaver files, Huey P. Newton Papers, Stanford University.


“...when he got locked up by Eldridge for ego reasons, and for Stalinist reasons, it’s outrageous...”

Eldridge Cleaver by Kathleen Rout, 149.


“Kathleen is the receptionist and has nothing to say about work assignments.”

Hope Fiend manuscript, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“Things around headquarters are dreadfully disorganized...”

FBI papers on Black Extremist Organizations; “Revolution on Ice” By Lowell Bergman and David Weir. Rolling Stone, September 9, 1976.


“Everyone in this village watches you...Information is power here, as elsewhere.”

Hope Fiend, 251-252.



VOODOO TAPES (pages 192-197)


“I would like very much to shoot my way into the House of Representatives.”

Los Angeles Times, January 29, 2012.


“I am disgusted with things here and the fact that you are being ignored...”

FBI papers on Black Extremist Organizations; “Revolution on Ice” By Lowell Bergman and David Weir. Rolling Stone, September 9, 1976.


“...The telephone has been off for weeks. Rent two months overdue...”

Letter from Leary to Horowitz and Barker, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“We’re gonna show people that everything is all right between us.”

Interview with Donald Cox by Safiya Bukhari. http://www.itsabouttimebpp.com/DC/htm/In_Memory_Of_Exiled_Fallen_Black_Panther_Party_Field_Marshall_Donald_DC_Cox.htm


“You dropped a bombshell this morning...”

Huey: Spirit of the Panther By David Hilliard with Keith Zimmerman & Kent Zimmerman.


“A tragic, sorrowful spectacle...”

Hope Fiend, 272.


“Don’t forget that I’m an escape artist.”

Hope Fiend, 271.



IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS SHIT (pages 198-203)


“This building will blow up in 30 minutes...”

New York Times, March 2, 1971.


“a shocking act of violence which will outrage all Americans.”

Chicago Tribune, March 2, 1971.


“We didn’t do it, but we dug it.”

“Stirring the Pot: Remembering Stew Albert -- 1939-2006” by Jeff Jones. MR Magazine.


“I will do all that is possible with the life that is in me to destroy you.”

FBI papers on Black Extremist Organizations.


“I’m speaking to you as a brother, as a revolutionary...Don’t worry about Tim and Rosemary. Papa’s seeing after them.”

Hope Fiend, 273; Berkeley Barb, February 26 - March 4, 1971.


“...he murdered him and buried his body right in Algiers.”

Black Panther Party newspaper, March 6, 1971.



A VANISHING PINPRICK (pages 204-208)


“I want you to come up here right now--and bring the passports.”

Hope Fiend, 277-278.


“This is not Texas...”

Hope Fiend, 284; Leary Papers, NYPL.





“...you will not be handed over to the American authorities during your stay in Denmark.”

April 1971 correspondence, Leary Papers, NYPL.



I’LL SHOW YOU EUROPE (pages 2015-219)


“prettily dished up.”

Swissair brochure, April 1971.


“Don’t get on the plane.”

Hope Fiend manuscript, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“that otherwise happen only in spontaneous ecstatic states...”

LSD, My Problem Child by Albert Hofmann.


“They just check the color of your passport.”

“The Magician’s Daughter” by Rosemary Woodruff Leary, Chapter X, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“I said I’d show you Europe one day.”

“The Magician’s Daughter” by Rosemary Woodruff Leary, Chapter X, Leary Papers, NYPL.



GOLDFINGER (pages 220-224)


“...has dropped from sight.”

Associated Press, May 8, 1971.


“...The police are no problem to me...”

Flashbacks by Leary, 313.


“He’s our crook.”

Flashbacks by Leary, 313.


“You just be silent...let me be cunning.”

What Does Woman want? by Leary, 41.





“...It wasn’t suicide...she had a tiger in her bloodstream.”

Los Angeles Times, October 6, 1969; Associated Press, October 8, 1969.


“...we have got to jump on him with hobnailed boots.”

Los Angeles Times, March 11, 1972;  Associated Press, October 8, 1969.


“...a fine, like for a parking ticket.”

Washington Post, 5/18/1971


“Well, I’m not very happy about what I read in the paper today.”

Art Linkletter Interview Transcription, Jan 23, 2007, Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. 2007-01-23-LIN.


“I don’t want him in there… he’s out.”

Art Linkletter Interview Transcription, Jan 23, 2007, Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. 2007-01-23-LIN.


“There’s a great difference between alcohol and marijuana...”

Linkletter-Nixon conversation transcript available at: http://www.csdp.org/research/nixonpot.txt


“pulling a Nixon.”

Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt: The Complete History of Presidential Drinking by Mark Will-Weber, 300.


“...step on them, crush them, show no mercy...”

Born Again by Charles Colson, 42.



SQUARE IN THE PUSS (pages 231-232)


I want to hit it right square in the puss.”

May 26, 1971, Oval Office Conversation: 505-4.


“I shall at no time possess any illegal drug...”

Correspondence, May 27, 1971, Leary Papers, NYPL.



WAR ON DRUGS (pages 233-234)


[Rogers to Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs] Department of State Cables, May 1971, Leary Papers, NYPL; Letter of July 27, 1971 from U.S. Embassy to Allen Ginsberg, explaining details of Leary’s arrest, Leary Papers, NYPL.



BRING US DR. LEARY (pages 235-238)


Blow the safe and get it.”



“Mr. Leary cedes to Mr. Hauchard...”

Leary Papers, NYPL.


“I’m under arrest. The Americans have filed extradition papers.”

Flashbacks by Leary, 315.



SOME KARMIC MISTAKE (pages 239-247)


“Allen: Tim in Swiss prison...

Correspondence, July 2, 1971, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“Cast not your pearls before swine...”

Undated letter signed by D.R. Greyson Grossman, Leary Papers,



“When is he likely to be delivered to Ronald Reagan?”

Letter dated July 5, 1971, from “Students’ Ass. Of University of Arhus,” Leary Papers, NYPL.


“No good purpose will be served by returning this writer/scientist to an American prison...”

Cable sent July 15, 1971, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“I’ve followed with deep concern the arrest of Dr. Leary...”

Correspondence, Hofmann to Michael Horowitz, Leary Papers, NYPL.


Letter to Hugh Hefner, July 5, 1971, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“A thick package, already opened...”

What Does Woman Want manuscript, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“using every legal dodge available.”

Department of State memo, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“the pushback from Switzerland...We’ve got it pretty well set.”

Nixon Conversation No. 550-3, July 29, 1971



THE POPE OF DOPE (pages 248-252)


“Rosemary and I can to Switzerland for many reasons...perhaps we’ll raise some children.”

Whatever Happened to Timothy Leary? by John Bryan, 216.


“Swiss have been uncomfortable in this case...”

Department of State cable, August 6, 1971. Leary Papers, NYPL.


“USG executive uniformly opposes release on bail...”

Department of State cable, August 6, 1971. Leary Papers, NYPL.


“If I go back to the United States, I’m a finished man.”

Feuille d’Avis de Lausanne, August 14, 1971.



PHANTASMAGORIA (pages 253-255)


“Welcome and God bless you, Timothy Leary.”

Proclamation, September 3, 1971, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“very publicity-conscious personality.”

Hofmann interview with Michael Horowitz. High Times, November 1976.


“LSD is too powerful for young people, including teenagers.”

Rational Mysticism: Spirituality Meets Science in the Search for Enlightenment by John Horgan, 155.


“...extreme optimism leads him to underestimate or even overlook undesirable facts and dangers.”

Mystic Chemist by Hagenbach and Werthmüller, 275.


“phantasmagoria of a lunatic.”

The Psychedelic Experience by Timothy Leary, et al.



AT LEAST HE’S OUR HITLER (pages 256-258)


“I’m afraid the closest you’ll come is a burning effigy in the village square.”

Will by Liddy, 113-114.


“Liddy’s a Hitler, but at least he’s our Hitler.”

Los Angeles Times, June 21, 1974.





“I knew they were going to rip us off...”

Leary FBI interview, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“Why did you send me to Algeria?”

Leary FBI interview, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“Eldridge Cleaver is nothing more than a petty tyrant...politics of despair.”

Hope Fiend draft, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“...the last embers of an emotional involvement are cooling fast.”

1971 Astrological calendar, Leary Papers, NYPL.


“You never looked better.”

What Does Woman Want? Manuscript, Leary Papers, NYPL.



A VICTORY FOR LOVE (pages 263-265)


This was a victory for love.”

News clipping, Leary Papers, NYPL.



I OWN TIMOTHY LEARY (pages 266-269)


"Gordon, that's not quite what I had in mind.”

The Strong Man: John Mitchell and the Secrets of Watergate by James Rosen, 264-265.


“Expulsion from one canton usually means expulsion from Switzerland.”

Associated Press, February 2, 1972.


“Federal Alien Police maintain it only a matter of time before Leary must leave Switzerland.”

Department of State memo, February 1972. Leary Papers, NYPL.


“We heard a rumor that Leary had left Switzerland and departed for Scandinavia.”

Department of State cable, February 28, 1972. Leary Papers, NYPL.


“I own Timothy Leary.”

Whatever Happened to Timothy Leary? by John Bryan, 214.





Leary-Hofmann meeting. “I would have remained a boring professional psychologist...most dangerous man in the world.”

Michael Horowitz blog entries on his Timothy Leary Archives website; also, Mystic Chemist by Hagenbach and Werthmüller, 276-277.



ALWAYS ERR IN EXCESS (pages 272-277)


“Always err in excess!” he shouts.

The Road of Excess: A Psychedelic Autobiography by Brian Barritt, 170-190.


“We feel that...citizens should not be criminalized or jailed merely for private possession or use.”

Washington post, March 23, 1972.


“I oppose the legalization of marijuana...”

Washington Post, March 25, 1972


“Federal alien police now plan inform Leary directly this week that he has one month to depart Switzerland.”

Department of State cable, May 3, 1972. Leary Papers, NYPL.


“Put it on the left right away...Just say you have it on ‘unmistakable evidence.’”

Transcript: http://nixontapes.org/wallace.html





“Weatherman, Weatherman, what do you do? Blow up a toilet every year or two.”

Burrough, 233.


Leary has always avoided heroin.

Timothy Leary, the Madness of the Sixties and Me by Charles W. Slack, 227.


“I’d hate to be known as the person who got Timothy Leary hooked on smack.”

Barritt, 247.


“...all he had to do was lie back and dig it.”

Barritt, 248.


“I’m coming down...Let’s do something.”

Slack, 257.


“If you go into Che Guevara’s camps...”

“Tim Leary, Won’t You Please Come Home” by Alan Levy. Penthouse, March 1973.


“Some people got caught. I’ll probably be going to jail.”

Will by Liddy, 246.


“The White House has had no involvement whatever in this particular incident.”

Nixon by Ambrose, 567.


“Who was the asshole?...Is it Liddy...he just isn’t well screwed on, is he?

Nixon by Ambrose, 568.





“Fifty-seven persons connected with Leary’s sex and drug sect...Leary is personally responsible for destroying more lives than any other human being...”

Greenfield, 436.


“Timothy...how do you think I make my money?”

Flashbacks manuscript, Leary Papers, NYPL.



THE GODDESS LAKSHMI (pages 285-290)


“The Swiss are good people, but soggy and bored.”

The Politics of Psychopharmacology by Timothy Leary, 90.


“The guy is worth a lot of money and I own every bit of him.”

Tripping the Bardo With Timothy Leary by Joanna Harcourt-Smith, 47-49; Greenfield, 441.


“What kind of drugs are you on?”

Harcourt-Smith, 62.


“Who loves me will come with me.”

Harcourt-Smith, 61-63.


“You are looking for a way out of the decadent aristocratic game...”

Harcourt-Smith, 69.


Let’s never talk to anyone but each other.”

Harcourt-Smith, 114.


“These are pictures of the inside of the human brain...You are the goddess Lakshmi...”

Greenfield, 444; Harcourt-Smith, 111-118.



GARDEN PARTY (pages 291-294)


“I will do things that are goddamn rash as hell...I don’t care.”



“It’s going to break every window in Hanoi!”

Weiner, 222.


“Nixon, Nixon.”

Rolling Stone, February 1, 1973.


“There are only three real geniuses in America...”

Harcourt-Smith, 126.





Nixon has “taken leave of his senses.”



“Drink this. It will make all of your dreams come true.”

Greenfield, 445.


“A classic case of jaundice due to hepatitis.”

Harcourt-Smith, 132-133.


“He’ll be glad to protect you.”

Greenfield, 446.


“We’ll go to Afghanistan...The King will visit us and treat you like a royal princess.”

Greenfield, 446; Harcourt-Smith, 128-137.


“We have to go. Here’s my stuff.”

Greenfield, 446.



PEACE WITH HONOR (pages 303-306)


“Liddy is pretty tough...as long as he remains stable.”

White House conversation between Nixon and Colson, Jan 8 1973, conv 394-021 or 395-001.



PURPLE HAZE (pages 307-309)


“Take this. It’s your birthday...”

Harcourt-Smith, 144.


“You should really dye your hair black, so that they don’t recognize you.”




SUPER BOWL (pages 310-318)


The only TV sets in Kabul are used for decoration.

James Senner interview by authors.


“Here we are in Happyland.”

Senner interview.


“What’s the charge...Not having a passport.”

Flashbacks by Leary, Harcourt-Smith statement in Leary Papers, NYPL. Tripping the Bardo by Harcourt-Smith.


“We have done nothing wrong. We demand that our passports be returned...”

Flashbacks by Leary, Harcourt-Smith statement in Leary Papers, NYPL. Tripping the Bardo by Harcourt-Smith, 151.


“Don’t worry. They’re making a deal with Nixon...”

Harcourt-Smith, 150.


“Leary arrival known to Afghan press...”

Department of State cable, January 14, 1973. Leary Papers, NYPL.


“Extradition appears unlikely from Iran or Turkey...”

Department of State cable, January 15, 1973. Leary Papers, NYPL.


“Most anxious expel Leary ASAP.”

Department of State cable, January 15, 1973. Leary Papers, NYPL.



AGENT BURKE (pages 319-321)


“I’m a political refugee...”

Harcourt-Smith, 157.


“Kabul is crawling with English and American press...Afghani hash often has opium in it.”

Harcourt-Smith, 155-156.



THE KING’S NEPHEW (pages 322-323)


“I’m so sorry about these police...I’ve arranged for some good food from the palace...”

Flashbacks by Leary, 329.


“You can take your chances here...we’ll do our best to keep you out of an American prison.”

Los Angeles Free Press, Harcourt-Smith statement in Leary Papers, NYPL.



LEARY HIGH AGAIN (pages 324-325)


“I told you that perfect love conquers all.”

Greenfield, 450.


Arrest scene at airport: Greenfield, Harcourt-Smith, Stalking the Caravan: A Drug Agent in Afghanistan 1971-1973

by Terrence Burke.


“I don’t want a bunch of hippie backpackers jumping me in economy trying to rescue Leary.”

Burke, 207.


“Leary High Again.”

Department of State cable, Neumann to Rogers, January 17, 1973, Leary Papers, NYPL.



A QUIET HIJACKING (pages 327-329)


The French love intellectuals... we’ll fight your extradition...”

Harcourt-Smith, 165.


“Dr. Timothy Leary is being illegally kidnapped...”

Harcourt-Smith statement in Leary Papers, NYPL.



MAKE THEM STOP (pages 330-333)


“The pilot states that he will not allow this conduct on his aircraft...”

Burke, 213.


“...My capture is an illegal act...”

Harcourt-Smith statement in Leary Papers, NYPL. Tripping the Bardo, 167. Flashbacks by Leary.


“I hope you get screwed for this”, she says with a sneer.

Harcourt-Smith, 168.


I have given directions for your removal on Flight 121”

Statement in Leary Papers, NYPL.


“We had no intention of granting him asylum...”

Burke, 214.


“A lot of people in high places in the States will be quaking in their shoes when I am on the way home.”

Greenfield, 452.



A FREE MAN (pages 334-337)


“Here is the entire counterculture,” he says. “Use it well and get me out.”

Greenfield, 453.


“A lot of people will be waiting to see you...They’re all good friends of mine...”

Harcourt-Smith, 171.


“This is to introduce Joanna Harcourt-Smith...”

Harcourt-Smith, 172.


“It’s going to take a long time for me to be processed...I love you and always will.”

Harcourt-Smith, 172.



EPILOGUE (pages 338-347)


“I plan to tell him exactly how Timothy taught me to be happy and find perfect love.”

Greenfield, 458.


“I was simply stupid and I admit it.”

Typescript, Leary interview by Robert Anton Wilson. Leary Papers, NYPL.


“The defendant, by virtue of his experimentation with these drugs...altered reality and meta-consciousness.”

People of the State of California v Timothy Francis Leary no. 7097.


“I’ve been watching your fall, Timothy...”

Neuropolitics by Timothy Leary; Greenfield, 467-468.


“Secrecy is the original sin...Concealment is the seed-source of every human conflict.”

Written in Folsom Prison, California, May 1973. Neuropolitics, Starseed/Peace Press, 1977.


“There’s a straight line between Watergate and Timothy Leary...

“This is a kangaroo court...will he be pardoned by the next guru?”

Berkeley Barb, September 20-26, 1974.


“I’m turning into a patriot...”

Chicago Tribune, September 7, 1975.


“What is Eldridge Cleaver doing...besides sharing holiday feasts with an admitted informer, Timothy Leary?”

Oakland Post, January 7, 1976.


“Did Dylan stand on picket lines...light-years away beyond the rhetoric of violent revolution, haven’t we, Bernardine?”

“How Our Paranoias Are Hyped for Fame and Profit” by Timothy Leary. National Review. April 16, 1976.


“People ask me how many times I’ve taken LSD...”

versions of this quote appear in several filmed interviews available on youtube. A print version can be found in the Weekly World News April 30, 1991.


“Doing LSD was one of the two or three most important things I have done in my life.”

What the Doormouse Said: How the Sixties Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer by John Markoff.


“Nixon’s side of the story...”

Washington Post, June 4, 1990.


“Richard Nixon called me the most dangerous man...”

The Quotable Stoner by Holden Blunts, 77.


“Nailed: An Evening on the Cultural Frontier.”

Los Angeles Times, August 6, 1993.


“In the sixties, we said power to the people...It’s called vision!”

Los Angeles Times, August 6, 1993. Moving Innovation, A History of Computer Animation by Tom Sito 100-101.



POST-CREDITS (pages 351-355)


I’m looking forward to the most fascinating experience in life, which is dying.”

New York Times, November 26, 1995.


“They have no sense of humor...surrounded by clipboards.”

Los Angeles Times, May 9, 1996.


“It was not government repression that destroyed the Black Panther Party...was destroyed by the megalomania of men.”

“Still Angry After All These Years” by Robert Dannin and Jolie Stahl. www.freedomarchives.org/Documents/Finder/.../510.dannin.stahl.still.angry.pdf